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Clermont Country Care

Are you looking for a job as an allied health professional or a lifestyle support worker? Clermont Country Care might be just for you.
We have a series of videos to browse through. Learn from our occupational therapists Mim and Georgia. Or watch our videos about our organisation and what is to work in the country.

Why access to allied health is important

Meet the Frost Family - living in Clermont, Qld. Nine-year-old Ash has juvenile arthritis and the family's biggest challenge since the diagnosis is access to allied health professionals.

Working for Clermont Country Care

This is what occupational therapist Georgia has to say to allied health professionals who want to move to the country.

Mim is an occupational therapist working for Clermont Country Care in the community. In this video she explains why she loves working for Clermont Country Care.


About Clermont Country Care

"We deliver allied health and lifestyle support workers to small communities by being part of the community. So we are really looking to recruit people who have skills which are desperately needed out here to give it a go. You will see that the people here are extremely grateful for your work and it's an honour to be of service."

Alec McConnell - Founder and lead coach

What is unique about working with us?

In this video, the founder of Clermont Country Care Alec McConnell explains what is unique about working for his team in the country.

What are the challenges of working in the country?

Are you an allied health professional looking for a job? Working for Clermont Country Care might be just for you.
But working in rural Queensland comes with a few challenges. In this video, our founder Alec McConnell, explains what to expect.

What a difference Allied Health can make in the country?

Many people in the country have barely received any or no services, supports or allied health. Are you an allied health professional or lifestyle support worker? Get in touch to talk about job opportunities with Clermont Country Care.

How do I determine if I am suitable for this work?

Working as an allied health professional in a country setting is different. "You will never see people who are more appreciative of your services," says Alec McConnell, founder and lead coach of Clermont Country Care.