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Are you an occupational therapist?

A new NDIS service has been established in Clermont, Queensland, and will be extended to Dysart, Gemfields, Collinsville and Barcaldine.

Clermont Country Care are looking to build and support a team of care and allied health professionals who can provide local services in these towns.

We provide these services in the local community BY the local community.

We are a registered NDIS provider who understands that every remote community is different and if we build up and support locals to provide
those services wherever possible, then the community will have sustainable services which do not rely exclusively on outreach from the bigger towns and cities.

Currently we are hiring Occupational Therapists.

We are hiring

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Why Clermont Country Care?

Make a difference

Make a difference to the community. Be at the frontier of your profession where services to people in need are limited.


Broaden your skills with professional exposure to a wide variety of needs and challenges.

Safe and family-friendly

You live in a safe environment and become part of the community. Ideal to raise or start a family.


Be part of a team! We provide training and you're part of a group of like-minded people.

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This is what we believe

We believe people with a disability living in the country deserve access to services. Autonomous teams are a way to address this need where there is a current lack of services.

We believe that providing care to people with disabilities is a very rewarding aspiration.  

Help us to increase the standard of living, wellbeing and happiness in Australia.

Clermont Country Care

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What is it like working for Clermont Country Care?

Top 3 tips on moving to the country.

This is what occupational therapist Georgia has to say to allied health professionals.

Why work for us?

Mim is an occupational therapist working for Clermont Country Care in the community.

What is unique?

What is unique about working with our team and providing services in the country? Alec explains.

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Clermont Country Care
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